Table Top Exercising

Table-top exercising is critical in developing strong working relationships between multiple teams and agencies, and is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways of increasing crisis management capabilities in any organisation, whether government or corporate.

A well-designed and delivered table-top exercise will test your current capabilities, identify shortfalls and develop a level of multi-team crisis management skills that will prove their worth across the organisation in any situation, not only when a crisis occurs.

The exercise itself is only one stage in the capability-development process, including pre-exercise preparation and post-exercise de-briefing and lesson learning. Deltar-TS can work with you to develop a bespoke table-top exercising programme designed to meet your own needs, and to test specific aspects of your organisations response and crisis management capabilities.

David Rubens is a member of the London Resilience Academic Group, a team of subject-matter experts who support the London Resilience Gold Command Crisis Management Project. The LRGCCMP is the body responsible for delivering multi-agency crisis management capabilities for any major event hitting London, and causing potential or actual disruption.

The lessons learned from designing a multi-agency crisis management programme appropriate to a global centre such as London will have value for any organisation, whatever their size, location or scope of activities.