1-Day Introduction to Strategic Risk
and Crisis Management

1-Day Introduction to Strategic Risk and Crisis Management

We were equipped to deal with a bus crashing into a bridge, a school needing to be evacuated or residents being put into accommodation overnight,” says one senior figure. “We assumed any crisis would be on a smaller scale.” : Senior K&C Councillor, after Grenfell Tower fire

Recent events have, once again, proven that organisations that thought that they had prepared for high-impact events, were in fact woefully incapable of dealing with both the crisis event and the subsequent consequences.

Whether it was the Grenfell Tower tragedy, British Airways ticketing failures or United Airlines turning what should have been a minor incident handled by front-line security personnel into a major global event and a loss in two days of $900 million from their share value, these are not only disasters in their own right, but are warnings to risk, resilience, business continuity and crisis managers, whatever sector they are working in.

This one day seminar is based on the 3-day Level 5 Management Award in Corporate Risk and Crisis Management that Deltar Training has run across the world for senior planners and decision-makers in government ministries, city councils, emergency management agencies, financial institutions, national infrastructure and major event management committees.


Dr David Rubens DSyRM, CSyP, FSyI
CEO, Deltar training services


  • Understanding Crisis Events
  • Routine Emergencies / Major Incidents / Crisis Events: Different problems, different toolboxes
  • Gold-Silver-Bronze Command System: A tool, not a solution
  • Communication, Communication, Communication
  • Critical Decision-Making in Crises Situations
  • Managing the Message: Social Media and Reputation Management
  • From Response to Recovery: Planning the TimeLine
  • Planning & Preparation: It Doesn’t Start When You have a Crisis!

Participants on this course get 50% credit of the course fee against participation in Deltar Training’s

3-day ‘Level 5 Management Award in Corporate Risk and Crisis Management’ or

12-month distance-learning ‘Level 6 Diploma in Strategic Risk and Crisis Management’

Deltar Training Solutions

Deltar Training Solutions has developed a reputation as a world-leader in all aspects of critical capability development involving risk and crisis management. Deltar has worked with government agencies, security ministries, global financial institutions, multi-national corporations, national transport agencies and global sporting events to develop an understanding of what exactly happens during large-scale crisis events, and how an organisation can best prepare itself to deal with them.
Deltar’s experience in working with clients in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East means that we have an understanding of the global nature of modern crises, and can develop a framework that can be adapted to the specific needs of each and every participant in our programmes.

Institute of Hotel Security Management

The IHSM represents security and risk managers from across the hospitality sector, but primarily at four and five start hotels that can be considered as representing the highest levels of service and customer care, whilst at the same time acknowledging the high-profile targets that international hotels have become around the world.
The aims of the IHSM are to provide the hotel and catering industry with a professional approach in dealing with all matters related to security, fire, health and safety. The IHSM holds regular events for its members, and liaises with other security agencies and organisations to ensure the highest level of information exchange and best-practice sharing.

Course Leader: Dr David Rubens DSyRM, CSyP, FSyI

David has been involved in security consultancy since 1992. He has an MSc in Security and Risk Management from Leicester University (2006) and was a Visiting Lecturer and Dissertation Supervisor on the Leicester University ‘Security, Policing and Terrorism’ MSc programme. He has also been a Visiting Lecturer (2010-’11) on the Strategic Leadership Programme at Cranfield University, the civilian research wing of the UK Defence Academy, where he specialised in terrorism and public policy, and strategic management of large-scale, complex operations. He completed his Doctorate in Security and Risk Management at University of Portsmouth (2016), writing his thesis on strategic management and critical decision-making in hyper-complex crisis environments. He has served two terms as a Board Director of the UK Security Institute, and has been published widely in professional magazines.

A message from Dr David Rubens

In the modern world, the shock of a genuine crisis event may be only seconds away. It is a truism to say that crises are, by their very nature, unexpected. Whilst that may be the case, the impact they have, the confusion they cause and the challenges they create are actually remarkably similar across the widest range of crisis events, whether they are natural disasters, infrastructure failures, adverse weather events, IT or transport disruption or whatever the next ‘unthinkable’ event might be.

This one-day programme has been designed to give strategic planners, managers and decision-makers an insight into the challenges they may be facing, and the range of solutions that they can develop across their organisations so as to ensure that whatever the crisis event may be, their organisation is in the strongest possible position to both survive the initial event, and to best manage the full range of subsequent consequences.