ASIS Spain Hosts Deltar Level 5 Award in Corporate Risk and Crisis Management

Juan Munoz, Chairman of ASIS Spain, invited Dr David Rubens to run a Level 5 Award in Corporate Risk and Crisis Management for ASIS members. Hosted by Vodafone Spain at their HQ training centre in Madrid, the course was run for fourteen participants, all senior security, risk and crisis managers, representing some of the largest organisations in Spain, including Novartis, Abanca, Vodafone, Gas Natural, Maxam Group, Mercedes Benz Espana, Amazon, La Liga and Desigual.

The overall feedback was that the three days of the programme had given the participants an opportunity not only to hear about and explore some of the cutting edge developments in strategic risk and crisis management, but to share experiences in a forum that otherwise would not have been available to them.

As Juan Munoz said, in his closing comments at the end of the programme ’It is very rare that such a group of experienced professionals are given the opportunity to spend three days together with the sole objective of getting better, understanding both the nature of the risks that we are facing, but also the requirements of the organisations that we are working for. Dr Rubens brings a wealth of experience and knowledge, and there is no doubt that everyone of our organisations will be better and stronger as the result of this programme.

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