Security Institute

The security Institute is UK's largest membership organisation for security professionals. There are various levels of membership (Student, Associate, Member, Fellow), and although they are UK based they do accept overseas members. Members and Fellows can use the letters MSyI and FSyI after their names.

Register of Chartered Security Professionals

Chartered Security Professional is accepted as the Gold Standard of professional security managers, equivalent to chartered status is any other profession. Admission to the Register is through a Standard Path, combining senior security management experience with an academic degree, or an Individual Path, based on previous senior management experience and the development of a professional portfolio in a number of different areas.
‘Chartered Security Professionals must be of undisputed integrity and have a strong understanding of general security principles and a high level of expertise. They must be operating at a strategic or senior operational level of security practice. Admittance to the Register demonstrates to clients, employers, peers and the public an ability to deliver quality results and a commitment to Continual Professional Development’.


ASIS is the largest international association of security professionals. Based in the US, it has groups (Chapters) across the world. They have regular events, both local and regional, that are an excellent way of meeting people, networking and creating a personal network of connections that can be of help and support, whatever area of security you are involved in.

University of Leicester Distance Learning MSc Programmes

Leicester University is known world-wide for the quality of its distance learning MSc programme in Security and Risk Management. The two links are for the MSc in Security and risk Management and the MSc in Terrorism, Security and Policing. Dr David Rubens graduated from the first, and taught on the second, so highly recommends them!

Security and Risk Management MSC
Terrorism Security and Policing

University of Portsmouth Professional Doctorate in Security and Risk management (D.SyRM)

For those people who already have a Masters Degree in a security related subject, and are looking to explore higher levels of academic achievement, the University of Portsmouth Professional Doctorate in Security and Risk Management is the e first Doctorate level programme specialising in this subject. Based on a distance-learning model, with three residential weekends a year (non-mandatory), this course is deigned to allow experienced practitioners to spend four years (or more) doing deep academic research into a subject related to their own work experience.

Emergency Planning College (UK)

Emergency Planning College (UK)

The Emergency Planning College Knowledge Centre has a massive amount of technical information available for free (you just need to register with your name and e-mail address). Once you are in the Knowledge Centre, it is like a Magic Garden – I have spent many hours just following various links to see where they lead – and they almost always lead to more links. Enjoy…..

Professional Security

Professional Security Magazine

Professional security Magazine is a monthly on-line publication that covers every aspect of the security industry, including news and updates technology, legislation, emerging trends, as well as a directory of advertisers and jobs.

Crisis Response Journal

Crisis Response Journal

Now in its eleventh year, Crisis Response Journal is a global information resource that covers all aspects of human-induced natural disasters, spanning response, disaster risk reduction, resilience, business continuity and security. It carries articles written from a high-level and sometimes academic level. A perfect resource for security professionals looking to get greater insight into issues that need a strategic perspective.

Risk UK

Risk UK Journal

Risk UK is more concerned with operational matters – technology and risk management rather than strategic discussion. Perfect for security and risk managers looking for articles on how to best integrate technology, processes and people.

Disaster Recovery Journal En Espanol

For our Spanish readers, Disaster Recovery Journal En Espanol is the single on-line source that will satisfy all your needs. It has daily updates on articles, reports and events, and offers a one-stop coverage of the whole of Latin America.
We especially like the events pages (David Rubens appears regularly at DRJ en Espanol conferences and seminars across the region), and for those of you who are either learning Spanish, or looking to develop connections in that region – this is the place you need to be!