London Fire Brigade Exercise Unified Response

The EU-supported Exercise Unified Response (March 2016) is the largest multi-agency, multi-national emergency management exercise ever run by the London Fire Brigade. As part of the planning support team, David Rubens has been involved in ensuring that the data gathered from a major exercise on this scale can be used to improve the capabilities of emergency management agencies across Europe

Deltar T-S can help you plan and deliver training exercises on whatever scale, from local events to national capability testing and validation. These programmes are designed to test every aspect of your emergency response and crisis management frameworks, as well as identifying potential critical failure points that need to be strengthened.

Pictures from Exercise Unified Response, Europe’s largest ever multi-national, multi-agency emergency response exercise.

The scenes and challenges of the New York train crash exactly mirrored the situations tested and practiced in Exercise Unified Response

Six months after the exercise, a rail accident in New York, where a passenger train ran into the buffers at Hoboken terminal, New Jersey, in the middle of the morning rush hour in one of the busiest transportation hubs in the New York Metropolitan area. One person dies, and over four hundred were seriously injured.

Pictures from New York Rail crash, 29th September 2016.

Dr David Rubens (circled) at the final Observer’s Briefing of Exercise Unified Response