Level 4 Organisation Award in
Crisis Management (3 Days)

Welcome to the Deltar "Level 4 Organisation Award in Crisis Management"

This course is designed for those people who are already working in security and risk management departments, but who are being tasked with preparing their organisations to deal with unexpected events, and particularly those that could lead to crisis situations.

A crisis event is undoubtedly the toughest test of a security manager’s personal and professional qualities and capabilities, and creates level of pressure and stress that cannot be replicated under any other circumstances.

This course will provide you with a strong understanding of all of the issues associated with preparing and managing a crisis management response operation, as well as providing you with a range of templates that can be adapted to your own specific work-place environment.

The courses we run have been tested and proven with corporate and government clients across the world, and we are confident that whatever sector you are involved in, both you and your organisation will gain real benefit from this course, both from the information we will give you but also from the opportunity to interact with other people involved in much the same activities, and sharing many of the same challenges.

Feel fee to get in touch if you would like more information, and I look forward to having an opportunity to meet in person on one of our programmes.


Dr David Rubens DSyRM, CSyP, FSyI
CEO, Deltar Training Solutions

This programme introduces all of the main concepts associated with crisis management that a risk and security manager is expected to be familiar with

It offers a mixture of theoretical knowledge, organisational templates, and practical exercises that allows each participant to gain maximum benefit from their participation.

All activities are carried out in a spirit of encouragement, engagement, collaboration and mutual support.

The course is designed to develop risk and crisis management professionals who can become leaders within their own organisations, as well as in the wider world.

Our Objectives

  • To understand the basic principles that are the foundation of effective Corporate Risk and Security Management.
  • To be able to utilise those principles in a practical working environment.
  • To be able to provide leadership in all issues concerning Corporate Risk and Security Management within your own workplace environment.
  • To add value to your own organisation.
  • To add value to your own personal and professional development.
  • To inspire you to continue with further training.

Happy students at the end of the L4 Advanced Risk and Crisis Management course in Bogota, Colombia September, 2016

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Day 1

Session 1

Introduction to the Course
Understanding 21st Century Crises
Challenges of Crisis Management

Session 2

Identifying Crisis Events
Incidents – Emergencies - Crises

Session 3

Designing an Integrated Crisis Management / Business Continuity Programme

Day 2

Session 4

The Foundation of All Crisis Management: Information Sharing and Exchange

Session 5

Creating the Multi-Agency Crisis Management Framework

Session 6

Crisis Management: From Zero Hour to Recovery

Day 3

Session 10

Organisational Capability Development: Training, Testing and Validation

Session 11

Table Top Exercise

Session 13

Summation and Final Thoughts

Assessed Assignments Guidelines

  • Participants need to develop four Assignments as part of their course work.
  • Each Assignment is around 1200 words, or 12-15 PowerPoint slides.
  • They need to demonstrate a clear understanding of all of the principles associated with that particular subject.
  • They need to demonstrate an ability to translate theoretical management models into the realities of real world situations.
  • They need to demonstrate that the candidate has gained a level of knowledge, skills and professional capability that will allow them to take leadership of corporate risk and crisis management in their own organisations.
  • They need to demonstrate that the candidate is worthy of a Level 4 Management Award in Corporate Risk and Crisis Management.

Students at the end of the Counter Terrorism, Corporate Security & Risk Mitigation Programme Singapore, March 2016

training solutions

Table-Top Exercise,Lima, Peru September 2016

Corporate Security and Risk Management
Corporate Security and Risk Management
Corporate Security and Risk Management

Example of End of Course Assessed Assignments

  • Your company consists of a Major Manufacturing Facility, a Logistical Management / Distribution Centre, and a Corporate Administration / Data Management Centre, each located in a different city.
  • Each of these are critical to the successful running of the company.
  • Take any one of these facilities, and put together a Business Continuity Plan that would allow the company to maintain operational functionality in the event that there was a minor disruption, major disruption and catastrophic disruption to each of the centres.
  • Describe the impact that the disruption of the facility you have chosen would have on the other facilities.
  • Assignment 4: Crisis Response Management
  • Create a ‘Crisis Event’, and then describe all of the issues that would be involved in managing the response to that event. The scenario should be large scale, multi-dimensional and involve a high-level of multi-agency coordination.
  • You need to take account of the requirements at Gold Command, Silver Command and Bronze Command Levels.
  • You would also need to consider the Coordination Framework, including liaison with external agencies and organisations, and possibly international partners.
  • Details would include time-lines, critical decision-making, liaison and coordination, geographical spread and secondary consequences.