Gulf Centre for Aviation Studies Signs MoU with Deltar TS

The Gulf Centre for Aviation Studies, one of the leading aviation training facilities in the world, has signed an MoU appointing GCAS as Deltar’s partner in the UAE for the delivery of the Level 5 Award in Corporate Risk and Crisis Management, as well as other collaborative development business opportunities.

David Studden, GCAS Senior Manager for Business Development, said ‘GCAS prides itself on being a thought leader in all aspects of strategic capability development across the Gulf region, and this alignment with Deltar Training Solutions creates a whole new area of training and professional development that will be of value to GCAS’s existing clientele, as well as opening up opportunities to create new business strands in both existing and as yet untapped sectors’.

Dr David Rubens, Deltar’s CEO, said ’We have worked with David Studden and GCAS on a couple of projects over the past year, and once we initiated the discussion it was clear that there is a strong synergy in terms of strategic vision as well as operating culture. I am looking forward to working together with David and GCAS, and to establishing this partnership as a central part of Deltar’s UAE programme, as well as to support GCAS’s own development vision’.

Deltar will deliver a Level 5 Management Award in Corporate Risk and Crisis Management at GCAS headquarters training centre in Abu Dhabi from 6th-8th May, 2018.

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