Deltar L4 ‘Advanced Risk and Crisis Management’ Program in Chile

Advanced Risk and Crisis Management

Deltar continues to make friends across Latin America, as it ran its third programme this year in the region, following previous programmes in Bogota, Colombia and Lima, Peru.

The course in Santiago, Chile was attended by sixteen people, representing financial institutions including the National Bank and private banking groups, global risk consultancies, emergency response consultants, IT infrastructure providers and scientific testing centres. As always, the three days were filled with lessons, discussions, exercises and non-stop learning.

Of the thirteen Feedback Forms completed, twelve gave 5/5 for ‘Course Contents’, ‘Presenter’s Knowledge’ and ‘Would you recommend this course to a colleague?’. The other one gave 4/5 to all three – a tough person to please!

Our next course is in Mexico City from 21st – 23rd June. As with all of our LatAm programmes, it is fully bilingual, with all course material, presentations and handbooks available in both Spanish and English, and with a professional interpreting service as part of the course.

For more details, please contact, or see the course information at the Deltar website in English or Spanish